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Peace of mind for years to come

Building owners who choose to partner with Siplast get materials consistently manufactured to high standards, a network of vetted contractors, and prompt and professional customer service. We know that your roof is not just an investment in your building, but in your business and the people who rely on it. That's why at Siplast we are with you every step of the way — making sure you get value from your roof for years to come.

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Our guarantee process reflects our commitment to excellence

The Siplast Guarantee issuance process is rigorous. It begins prior to material ordering and concludes with a successful final inspection by a Siplast Representative. This thorough review process is part of our commitment to be with you every step of the way.
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Extend your guarantee coverage with our Encompass Program

We developed the Encompass Program to help owners build a specific regimen of regular maintenance and inspection, which are often overlooked. With proper measures in place from the beginning, it's possible for a properly managed Siplast roof to become eligible for extended terms without a gap in coverage.

Featured Projects

Our story is one of uncompromising quality, innovation, partnership, and commitment to our customers and their communities.

Take a look at what has made that story possible.

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Siplast Literature

Access information on Siplast's full range of roofing, waterproofing and insulation system options. Our literature explains the technology behind our systems, and what that technology means in terms of performance. Photographs throughout illustrate our projects in a wide range of commercial building categories.

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From innovators to industry leaders

Our story began with the development of SBS-modified bitumens. Today, we’re industry leaders still focused on innovative solutions for owners.
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