Space Needle


Space Needle

Preserving and renovating the observation deck of the 57-year-old world icon - with minimal interruption to visitors

  • Category

    Roofing Solutions
  • Completed

  • Type

    Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Size

    29 squares


Help update the beloved world landmark and elevate the visitor experience. Expand and resurface the popular observation deck while keeping it open for use and hazard-free. Account – in strategy and materials – for a tall structure that contracts, twists, and expands in reaction to temperature and wind.


  • The fast-curing PMMA liquid-applied Terapro Waterproofing and Surfacing System made scheduling around Seattle’s rainy climate possible, and allowed a swift return to full visitor service
  • Pro Natural Quartz aggregate was chosen to provide a hard-wearing surfacing layer for the high-traffic observation deck
  • Waterproofing layers composed of specially formulated catalyzed PMMA resin and polyester fleece fabric reinforcement were used to build up a high mil thickness application resistant to UV, foot traffic, and common environmental contaminants*
  • Phased application plus fast-cure allowed visitors to visit daily without interruption

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