PMMA Liquid-Applied Roof Assemblies

Parapro Roof Membrane

Liquid-Applied Roof Solutions

Jobs with difficult access, tight clearances, odd-shaped penetrations, and exposure to substances that can adversely affect conventional roofing materials can be a challenge for even the best traditional roofing plies. In such cases, a liquid-applied Parapro System is an excellent option. Parapro is ideal for areas where flame-free application is required, water doesn't drain quickly or completely, or areas requiring resistance to many conditions and substances that can negatively affect more traditional roofing products.
Pro Catalyst Liquid for Pro Color Finish

Material Estimating Guides

Accurately estimating the amount of materials you need is critical. This can be challenging with liquid products. To help, we've provided easy-to-use estimating guides for our most popular liquids products, including waste factor estimation tools.