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Quarter 2

Siplast Journal

Product insights from Siplast

At Siplast, we are innovating systems and products beyond the ASTM standards. From high-performance SBS-modified bitumen to durable PMMA waterproofing to living amenity spaces, we are helping to solve your toughest challenges. Read our quarter 2 newsletter, the Siplast Journal, and find opportunities to meet us in person at upcoming local and national trade shows and demos.
SBS mod bit tensile elongation testing

Performance beyond ASTM standards

While SBS-modified bitumen sheets that meet ASTM standards certainly provide a reliable level of performance, Siplast Paradiene 20 and Paradiene 30 SBS-modified sheets provide additional physical characteristics that exceed the ASTM standards, including ultimate elongation and cyclic fatigue. Read more about the strong performance of Paradiene 20/30 Systems.
Terapro Waterproofing System

Durability overhead and underfoot

While modern fluid-applied membranes are among the fastest growing technologies of the roofing market, the unique characteristics of PMMA have also made it an ideal solution for balcony and parking deck surfacing and waterproofing.
DLCC plaza deck in Pittsburgh, PA

Bring your roof to life

Vegetated roofs offer exciting opportunities for architectural design. They can allow a structure to merge with the surrounding landscape, provide a dramatic accent, or reinforce the defining aspects of the structure's geometry.
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