Siplast history

Our History

With you every step of the way

The Siplast story began in the late 1960s with a game-changing innovation: the development of SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) modified bitumens. This breakthrough – the result of close collaboration between Siplast Research and Development and Shell Chemical of Europe – found that the proper modification of asphalt with SBS produces a highly durable elastomeric blend with exceptional elongation and recovery properties across a wide temperature range. Since then, Siplast Engineered Roof Systems have been applied across all types of deck construction in the varied – and occasionally extreme—weather conditions of 40+ countries.
NVS Lightweight Insulating Concrete

High performance roof insulation solution

Siplast has built on our global expertise to become the only commercial manufacturer that offers a roof system package that combines SBS-modified bitumen membranes with the benefits of lightweight insulating concrete. The encapsulated design of lightweight insulating concrete provides a stable, monolithic surface for the roof membrane system, while its relatively high density can positively affect membrane life by impeding the thermal stresses that can cause membrane fatigue. In addition to a longer-lasting roof, this brings long-term cost savings, since Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete systems are reusable.
PMMA Systems

Liquid efficiency with Siplast standards

As innovators, Siplast knows that no one product is appropriate for every use. Different conditions require different solutions, and so do changing times. That's why we introduced polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) liquid resin products, which give you the application convenience and construction flexibility of liquid-applied systems – essential to complex modern building design – while meeting Siplast’s uncompromising performance standards.
Vegetated Green Roof

Solutions to help meet environmental goals

It's also why green and vegetated roof systems have been a growing part of our story since the 1970s when we introduced Teranap, the first of many Siplast systems and products designed to reduce impact on - and even improve - the environment. Siplast systems can be used to provide restful green spaces and help actively reduce pollution with special granule surfaces.

Helping to solve your toughest challenges

From the UN General Assembly Building to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the D.C. Metro system, we're proud of the Siplast projects that document our story of uncompromising quality and commitment to our customers, their communities, and the environment around them. With every project, Siplast has learned from and gotten to know our customers and communities more deeply. That's why we understand that it's not just about the roof, it's about what goes on underneath it. And to make sure we get it right, we work with you every step of the way.

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