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Let Noxite help clean the air

Eco-Activ® Depolluting Roof Membrane with Noxite® Depolluting Granules

Of the countless atmospheric pollutants released daily, there is one that you can help reduce simply by choosing the right roof membrane. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are irritating gases that are harmful to health, facilitate the formation of low-level ozone, and increase the climactic greenhouse effect. Neutralizing NOx can be accelerated with Siplast Eco-Activ Roof Membranes surfaced with Noxite Granules.
Eco-Activ Granules

Sometimes it's simple to contribute to a cleaner world

Siplast Eco-Activ Roof Membranes are surfaced with roofing granules treated with Noxite. Based on titanium dioxide (TiO2) in its anatase form, Noxite is a photocatalyst. This means that, when sunlight hits an Eco-Activ roof, the Noxite behaves as a photovoltaic cell, helping render NOx molecules harmless so they can be carried away by rainwater with no adverse effect on the environment.

Eco-Activ Overview

Siplast Eco-Activ roof membranes surfaced with Noxite granules can reduce atmospheric pollution helping reach your environmental goals.


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