Fiberglass Scrim Reinforcement

About Pro Grid Reinforcement

Pro Grid reinforcement provides an efficient application with the same hard-wearing surfacing as our traditional Pro Fleece Reinforced system. The Pro Grid helps mitigate telegraphing cracks through force distribution. The installation of Pro Grid is efficient - prime, reinforce, and waterproof in one step. Pro Grid Reinforcement is embedded in Pro Primer and is followed by Terapro and Terapro VTS Wearing/Surfacing Components. 

Product Details

  • Uses: Reinforcement for liquid-applied systems
  • Roll Size: 150 linear yds @ 47 in width (450 ft x 3.91 ft)
  • Roll Weight: Approx.100 lbs (45.36 kg)
  • Coverage per Roll: 1,762 ft2 (163.6 m2)

Pro Grid Reinforcement

A fiberglass scrim reinforcement.
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Refer to the applicable Siplast Technical Guide and related supplements for detailed application information.

Storage and Handling

All Siplast roofing and waterproofing products should be stored on a clean and dry surface away from direct exposure to the elements, excessive heat, sunlight, and open flames. Store in a manner that will prevent the deformation of rolls or creasing of the grid. Pro Grid Reinforcement has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. Exposure to sunlight and/or temperatures exceeding 100°F (38°C) may affect shelf life. 

See product packaging and the Safety Data Sheet for specific information on the safe handling of this product.


Rolls Per Pallet: 16

Terapro resins

Pro Primer E application

Pro Primers

Siplast offers various Pro Primers for common substrates that are applied prior to the use of Parapro Roof Membrane Systems, Parapro 123 Flashing Systems, and Terapro Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems.

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