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SBS Modified-Bitumen Systems

SBS-Modified Bitumen

Revolutionary styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) modified bitumens were pioneered by Siplast in partnership with Shell Chemical of Europe in the late 1960s. This technology formed the basis of Siplast's core high-performance, two-ply engineered roof systems — Paradiene and Veral — creating trusted solutions that have become a mainstay for commercial building projects.
PMMA Systems

PMMA Liquid-Applied

Siplast Parapro Roof Membrane and Flashing, and Terapro Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems offer all the benefits of PMMA technology in products for roofing, vegetated roof, plaza deck, balcony, and vehicular traffic applications. The science of PMMA provides exceptional performance advantages and significantly faster cure times than polyurethane and polyester systems.
PVC Systems


Parasolo PVC, KEE, and TPX products are subjected to a stringent series of quality control tests to ensure that the product meets the specific criteria important to its performance. The reflective, bright white color helps reduce temperatures. Parasolo delivers a high performance single-ply option well suited for warehouses, office space, retail facilities, and low-traffic roofs.
Green Roof Systems

Vegetated Roof

ParaGREEN Vegetated Roof solutions provide you the flexibility to meet your project’s demands. ParaGREEN assemblies - layered and modular - are coordinated with Siplast membranes to ensure compatibility and provide integrated single-source solutions to ensure the quality and peace of mind you’ve come to expect from Siplast.
STP Liquid-Applied Systems

Low-Odor STP Liquid-Applied

Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) chemistry, has a low odor signature, and is low VOC and isocyanate-free, making it a convenient and reliable roofing solution. Siplast's Paraflex Liquid-Applied Roof Membrane is suitable for project circumstances that make the application of conventional roofing sheets difficult.
Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems

Lightweight Insulating Concrete

Reusable and reroofable Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems combine the unique properties of lightweight insulating concrete and premium expanded polystyrene foam insulation board. Available in four mix designs with a range of compressive and tensile strengths appropriate to different substrate or project requirements, each design encapsulates the insulation board in insulating concrete.
Polyisocyanurate Systems

Rigid Insulation

Roof insulation is critical to overall building energy efficiency, and polyisocyanurate roof insulation provides a high R-value that can help meet modern energy code requirements without added thickness or weight.
Hot-Applied Rubberized Asphalt Systems

Hot-Applied Rubberized Asphalt

Siplast's PA-750 Hot-Applied Waterproofing System is comprised of PA-750 Hot-Applied Rubberized Asphalt and PA-750 Reinforcing Fabric and provides a fast-setting, fully bonded, monolithic membrane designed for waterproofing approved and properly prepared substrates for plaza deck, protected/ballasted, and other covered applications.
Temporary Enclosure Systems

Temporary Enclosure

Site covering, containment, and weather protection are major responsibilities—and using inferior temporary enclosure systems can prove costly and dangerous. To help you meet these obligations safely, Siplast's Monarflex has been setting the standard for high-performance, low-density polyethylene sheeting, reinforcements, and attachment systems since the 1950s.
building-encl--air barrier

Air Barrier

Air and water management systems protect vertical building applications for commercial buildings. Continuity of air and water management from roof systems, vertical walls, and waterproofing terminations is critical for commercial buildings to achieve durable designs, energy-efficient performance, and to enable occupant health and comfort as part of wholistic design solutions.
Wall Rigid Insulation

Exterior Polyiso Wall Insulation

Exterior polyisocyanurate insulation boards provide high-performance solutions for vertical walls, helping to provide thermal protection for commercial buildings and provide continuity of thermal management from roof systems, vertical walls, and waterproofing terminations.