New Orleans Sports Arena


New Orleans Sports Arena

Helping actualize a high-concept vision for the roof of a distinctively designed landmark facility while considering tough environmental conditions

  • Category

    Roofing Solutions
  • Completed

  • Type

    Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Size

    2,000 squares


Deliver a highly attractive solution for a landmark facility to show off the innovative design of a roof that is visible from ground level. Achieve the architect's vision of a “uniform rolling roof” with a roof assembly designed to withstand environmental challenges, including local weather.


  • Siplast's SBS-Modified Bitumen Veral Aluminum System was used to realize the architect's vision of a distinctive uniform rolling roof surface
  • The reflective, foil-faced surface delivered on aesthetics while contributing to energy efficiency
  • The Veral Aluminium SBS-modified bitumen roof has since withstood high temperatures and severe weather

SBS-Modified Bitumen Roof Systems

In the 1960s, working with Shell Chemical of Europe, Siplast developed SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) modified bitumens in response to the changing requirements of modern construction. Siplast Engineered Roof Systems have been applied in the extremely varied weather conditions of more than 40 countries. Read more about our history and commitment to quality and our line of SBS-modified bitumen roofing products.

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