Albert G. Jennings Center


Albert G. Jennings Center

Reroofing with minimal disruption

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    Roofing Solutions
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    Hospitality & Entertainment
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    35 squares


The roof on this Fort Wayne community hub offering crucial health and social programs – from athletics, club meet-ups, and food service, as well as a weekend rental location for private, corporate, and community functions – had seen better days and needed a full tear-off and replacement. The Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department had also made improved air quality a priority on all projects within their remit.


  • Siplast's two-ply SBS-Modified Bitumen Paradiene Roof Membrane was chosen as the reliable and durable solution that would serve the Center and its community for years to come
  • Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department opted for an Eco-Activ® Depolluting Membrane System, surfaced with Noxite® granules designed to neutralize harmful NOx contaminants in the air to help improve air quality
  • Avoiding the use of hot asphalt or a torch, the membrane was applied using Siplast's PA-311 Cold Adhesive, creating a tenacious interply bond and eliminating asphalt fumes and open flames during installation

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