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To help make your job easier, we have articles and accredited learning opportunities for design professionals and building owners centered around commercial walls. Whatever your challenge, Siplast is with you every step of the method to provide the knowledge and best practices you need.

The Ultimate Guide to Air & Water Barriers

Continuity of air and water management from roof systems, vertical walls, and waterproofing terminations is critical for commercial buildings to achieve durable designs, energy-efficient performance, and to enable occupant health and comfort as part of holistic design solutions. Professionally installed, continuous air and water-resistive barrier systems are engineered to minimize unwanted air and water intrusion in the building enclosure, in order to provide the structure with several significant benefits.
installation of WALLcontrol Monolith VP Adhered AWB

Paving the Way for Better Educational Structures with AWBs

Educational spaces wield significant influence on future generations and must prioritize supportive physical environments. Despite challenges like moisture damage in tens of thousands of educational buildings nationwide, initiatives like the Biden-Harris Administration's Renew America's Schools Program aim to enhance infrastructure, emphasizing the importance of systems like Air and Water-Resistive Barrier (AWB) to safeguard educational structures.
installation of WALLcontrol Monolith VP Adhered AWB

Future-Proofing Commercial Buildings with AWBs

Unpredictable weather patterns highlight the urgency of integrating resilience principles into architecture and construction, surpassing minimum standards to address long-term performance challenges from both external hazards and design decisions. Moisture risks, alongside extreme events like tornadoes and wildfires, underscore the importance of considering air and water-resistive barriers as essential tools in fortifying the building envelope for a resilient and sustainable future.
SBS - Parapet - 20-30 and veral & parapro flashing

Parapet Parodies

Identifying and maintaining continuity of the four key control layers is important in the design phase. Read this white paper to learn more about common parapet challenges and the four key control layers.
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Today, as roof design professionals expand their engagement to the full building enclosure, we’re proud to support that step with a full suite of above-grade wall components that provide the same manufacturing quality and system performance as Siplast roofing systems.

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