building enclosure

Building Enclosure Solutions

Commercial wall systems

High-performance air, water, and thermal protection for vertical commercial building applications. Continuity of the wall systems to adjacent roofing, waterproofing, and terminations is critical for commercial buildings to achieve durable designs, energy-efficient performance, and enable occupant health and comfort as part of wholistic design solutions.

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building enclosure

Air and water barrier solutions

Siplast extends our expertise and services from roofing and waterproofing to vertical commercial walls to provide compatible solutions for the many necessary complex transitions from roof systems, waterproofing systems, openings, and penetrations to create a continuous air and water barrier for commercial buildings. Improving enclosure airtightness and moisture management: 

  • Improves moisture protection to help meet durable and resilient building design requirements.
  • Enhances energy-efficiency of building operations to help meet sustainability goals. 
  • Enables improved occupant health via indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and material choices as part of wholistic design solutions.


Siplast is a member of the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)