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At Siplast, we are committed to supporting you at every step of the way to ensure that your vision aligns with the positive impact you aspire to make in the world. Take a moment to delve into our quarter 4 newsletter, the Siplast Journal, and discover the range of Siplast system options available to you. Our goal is to be your dedicated partner throughout your journey.
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What are the 4 Tenets of Roofing?

Unlock the key to roofing longevity with "The 4 Tenets of Roofing": good design, quality materials, proper installation, and regular maintenance. Discover how these components ensure the long-term success, resiliency, and sustainability of your roofs and buildings.

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Specially formulated to resist weathering, chemicals* and algae**, Parasolo KEE is a premium PVC membrane that meets Siplast standards and is appropriate in situations where a synthetic membrane meets the needs of the building owner. Well-suited for warehouses, office space, retail facilities, and roofs with little anticipated traffic.
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Helping Javits solve for their toughest design challenges

When New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Center needed a reroof, their vision included becoming a role model for environmental leadership, and they turned to Siplast for system solutions. A sophisticated assembly including Siplast NVS Lightweight Insulating Concrete, mechanically-attached Siplast Parabase FS base sheet, torch-applied Paradiene 20 HV TG, and a finish ply of Siplast Teranap, provided the exceptional thermal value, durability, and water resistance needed to support an extensive vegetated roof system. Today, the Javits Center roof supports a 8-acre green roof with a working farm, orchard, and wildlife sanctuary that absorbs more than 7 million gallons of storm water each year.

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
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