PMMA Liquid Applied

PMMA Liquid-Applied Trafficked Assemblies

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Vehicular Traffic Waterproofing

Vehicular Traffic Waterproofing Solutions

Terapro VTS Systems offer the benefits of PMMA technology for vehicular traffic applications. The science of PMMA provides exceptional performance advantages for parking decks, and significantly faster cure times than polyurethane and polyester systems. Our reinforced systems are ideal for vehicular areas over occupied/conditioned space, and our unreinforced system is suitable for vehicular areas over unoccupied space.
Terapro Waterproofing System at the Space Needle

Waterproofing Systems

Pedestrian balconies, terraces, and walkways are the most distinctive exposed structure elements that must stand up to weather and environmental contaminants - and meet significant aesthetic requirements. The Terapro Waterproofing Systems - liquid-applied, layered systems – were designed specifically for occupied and unoccupied/conditioned spaces.
Terapro 250 Resin/Aggregate being installed

Concrete Protection Systems

A refreshed look with added concrete protection – that's the benefit of Terapro Concrete Protection Systems.  Terapro 220 and Terapro 250 are liquid-applied, pigmented PMMA resin/aggregate blends used as pedestrian and vehicular surface protection with anti-skid properties. Our concrete protection systems are suitable over unoccupied space.
Pro Catalyst Liquid for Pro Color Finish

Material Estimating Guides

Accurately estimating the amount of materials you need is critical. This can be challenging with liquid products. To help, we've provided easy-to-use estimating guides for our most popular liquids products, including waste factor estimation tools.