Vehicular Traffic Waterproofing

Vehicular Traffic Waterproofing Solutions

Meet the unique challenges posed by the vehicular traffic environment

Parking decks are faced with traffic wear, emissions, routine weather damage, and other environmental contaminants, presenting a unique combination of issues. Additionally, parking decks must be safe and attractive spaces for staff and customers. Siplast's Terapro VTS Waterproofing and Surfacing System can help you meet those challenges. Application of a Terapro VTS System is extremely efficient, due to the fast-curing properties of PMMA — in fact, depending on project size, a Terapro VTS System typically can be applied and trafficked in an 8-hour day. Terapro VTS bond strength, together with its tough crystal quartz surfacing, lends a level of durability to the system that is not found in conventional parking deck coatings.

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