Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Solutions

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By definition, civil engineering projects tend to be large in scale and affect local communities. Lining a canal or a reservoir means safely containing millions of gallons of water, which, in the case of water supply to households, needs to be potable. For decades, clients have trusted Siplast's Teranap Geomembrane — a high-performance elastomeric bituminous geomembrane that provides a practical, reliable, and durable liner for concrete and earthen canals, settling basins, embankment stabilization, mine waste containment, waste water storage, and many other site types.

Civil Engineering

Providing clean and safe water in California

Citizens in California and surrounding areas have access to potable, safe water via the California Aqueduct - which delivers about 30% of the State Water Project's supply to farms and cities. Teranap Geomembrane was used on the California Aqueduct - Teranap is flexible and contours easily to substrates, making it ideal for this 444-mile structure that varies in width from 12 to 85 feet, with an average depth of 30 feet.

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