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Quarter 2

Siplast Journal

From antiquities to amenities with Siplast

At Siplast, we are committed to supporting you at every step of the way to ensure that your vision aligns with the positive impact you aspire to make in the world. Take a moment to delve into our quarter 2 newsletter, the Siplast Journal, and discover the range of Siplast system options available to you. Our goal is to be your dedicated partner throughout your journey.

Modern solutions from ancient technology

Since ancient times, people have been using asphaltic bitumen - which starts as a naturally occurring hydrocarbon component of crude oil - in construction. With modern technological improvements, we are able to refine it for long-term roofing and flashing solutions. By relying on the same top-shelf bitumen bases since the 1980's, Siplast continues to provide the high quality SBS-modified membranes to the commercial roofing industry.
DLCC Plaza Deck design professionals

The evolution of amenity space design

Glean insight from Loft Six Four's Brandon Reed and Chris Arnold of Authentic Form and Function on the evolution of amenity space design and how fresh, unique approaches to the classic rooftop pool are creating better spaces.

Great news about Siplast WALLcontrol Air Barrier Systems

We're happy to announce that two Siplast WALLcontrol Air Barrier Systems: WALLcontrol Modified Silicone (STPE) VP Liquid AWB and WALLcontrol Reinforced Aluminum Butyl Adhered AWB, have received the ABAA Evaluated credential. And as Siplast specializes in providing unique solutions to your most complex challenges, we're excited that the STPE system is the only fluid-applied membrane to meet the ABAA Evaluation criteria as both an Air and Water-Resistive Barrier Assembly. Our systems deliver excellent protection against moisture and air leakage, providing exceptional performance and reliability for our customers' building envelope needs.
wind tunnel testing

Surprising results from edge metal wind tunnel testing

Much of the damage that happens to roofs during high-wind events starts at the perimeters and corners. This means that the edge metal system at the roof-to-wall interface is critical to a roof's success during wind events. Recent wind tunnel testing has generated fascinating data and useful recommendations for wind-resistant edge metal installation.

Lightweight Insulating Concrete Acoustic Ratings

STC 36 - 62 | OITC 34 - 47

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A concrete solution for acoustic insulation

We’ve been testing! Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) offers the versatility to significantly reduce sound transmission in a wide range of applications.

  • Cross laminated timber
  • Galvanized steel
  • Structural concrete/Tectum
  • And more

Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) ratings range between 36 & 62 for more than 40 tested Siplast assemblies.1 Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) ratings range between 34 & 47 for more than 40 tested Siplast assemblies.


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