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Quarter 1

Siplast Journal

Innovation creates opportunities

Check out Siplast innovations for you and your clients that help solve your toughest challenges. Read our quarter 1 newsletter, the Siplast Journal, and explore our Siplast system options.
SBS elasticity

Optimizing elasticity

See how we assess the elastomeric properties of SBS-modified bitumen blends – in the Siplast RISE (Research, Innovate, Support, and Evolve) Center.

Interactive Design Drawings

The NEW Siplast Design Drawings allow users to create project-specific roof assemblies using interactive PDF features, rather than a computer-aided design application. Specifiers, consultants, and contractors can now get custom design drawings – along with all relevant documents such as specifications, details, and data sheets – in one convenient package.

Start creating your unique project roof assembly today!

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PMMA protection

Protection at every level

Siplast offers SBS-Modified Bitumen and fast-curing liquid-applied PMMA waterproofing and surface protection solutions. High-quality products, decades of experience and know-how paired with comprehensive and professional service, make Siplast the partner to turn to when it comes to premium waterproofing and surface protection.
Ceiling Assemblies LWIC

Reduce fireproofing demand with LWIC?

Using Lightweight Insulating Concrete Roof Deck assemblies may eliminate the need for nearly 95% of interior fireproofing on the underside of the roof deck, when compared to some rigid insulation applications. This can also lead to faster phasing of new construction projects.
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Take the Next Step to Full Building Enclosures with Siplast WALLcontrol


Understanding high-performance protection at the parapet is a critical step to a successful building enclosure. Parapets are the junction where building aesthetics meets structural performance, air and water moisture management, and energy efficiency.

Learn more about air-water barrier parapets for water, air, thermal, and vapor control.

Contractor Corner: Info and Insights on Roofing Solutions