Silverberry Landfill

British Columbia

Silverberry Landfill

Building a closure cap - in subzero temperatures - for a hazardous waste secure landfill site to assist in minimizing environmental damage by reducing leachate in the fill material

  • Category

    Civil Engineering Solutions
  • Completed

  • Type

  • Size

    9,139 squares


Cover over a finished hazardous waste landfill with an impermeable product, helping minimize environmental impact and the encroachment of leachate into the fill material. Deliver the crucial protection required for this strictly regulated site in subzero temperatures – all within a tight time window.


  • Teranap 431 Bituminous Geomembrane was chosen for its workability in frigid February temperatures in British Columbia – as well as for excellent UV stability
  • This critical protection was installed within a 37-day window in freezing, below-zero temperatures

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