Eco-Activ Granules on Jubilee House in British Columbia


Waterproofing a Roof in Cold Weather

cold weather waterproofing

Application in cool weather can be completed more effectively by cutting warmed rolls into halves or thirds and stacking the sheets with the unsurfaced side upward to allow for solar heating. Cut sheets should be allowed to lay flat for a minimum of 30 minutes (time will vary based on the ambient temperature and solar load) to allow them to “relax.” The minimum material temperature at the point of application for Siplast PA-311 series and SFT Adhesives is  70°F (21°C)

During application, asphalt should never be applied more than 5 feet ahead of the roll, which should be unrolled continuously at a steady pace. The moppings should always be "squared off" between mopping intervals, and the roll should be rolled through the mopped areas and then be backrolled, exposing 2 to 3 inches of asphalt. This procedure eliminates excess asphalt build-up at roll "stops." Pressure should be kept on the roll throughout the installation to ensure proper embedment. Air pockets beneath the system or between plies are unacceptable. Any such pockets should be broomed in immediately while the asphalt is still hot. The use of a weighted roller on the laps is recommended.