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Quarter 4

Siplast Journal

Complex roof challenges demand custom solutions

Siplast is with you every step of the way to ensure your project vision fulfills the positive ways you want your work to impact the world. Read our quarter 4 newsletter, the Siplast Journal, and explore our Siplast system options.
Siplast R&D Roof Cut Evaluation program

Roof Cut Evaluations

Are you curious about your roof condition? Coming to the end of your roof's guarantee or warranty period and exploring your options? The Siplast R&D Roof Cut Evaluation (RCE) Program can help, at no charge to you.  Contact your Siplast sales representative or Field Technician to find out more.
Paraflex membrane & Flashing

Are STP-based adhesives right for your next job?

Silane terminated prepolymers (STP) for adhesives, sealants and coatings have a low odor signature, and are low VOC and isocyanate-free, making STP-based adhesives a convenient and reliable roofing solution. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of STP-based adhesives.

Siplast's Paraflex Liquid-Applied Roof Membrane using STP technology is suitable when application of conventional roofing sheets might be difficult.

Substrate Imperfections

Global warming potential of insulation systems

Imperfect substrate conditions present real issues related to the installation and performance of roof membrane and insulation systems, especially on buildings being reroofed since these decks deteriorate over time.

Read more about how to create a solid air barrier and sustainable R-value on imperfect roof decks.

WALLcontrol design professionals

Protect your Wall Air Barrier System prior to installation

Condition of the wall substrate is critical to proper and successful installation of an air barrier system. High levels of moisture can cause air barrier systems to deteriorate or fail even before construction is complete. Find out more about protecting the top of the walls during construction - including solutions from Siplast - here.

Contractor Corner: Info and Insights on Roofing Solutions

Siplast Plant Tour

Seeing is believing

Our plant tour season is over, but that means it’s time to plan next year’s events.
Siplast Lab Tour

Take a tour!

Each year we’re honored to host professionals at our Arkansas manufacturing facilities, where they participate in presentations, discussions, facility tours, and hands-on application demonstrations of Siplast products. If you’re interested in attending a Siplast Plant Tour, please reach out to your local sales representative and let them know.