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SBS-Modified Bitumen White Papers and Bulletins 

wind tunnel testing

Surprising results from edge metal wind tunnel testing

Much of the damage that happens to roofs during high-wind events starts at the perimeters and corners. This means that the edge metal system at the roof-to-wall interface is critical to a roof's success during wind events. Recent wind tunnel testing has generated fascinating data and useful recommendations for wind-resistant edge metal installation.

PMMA White Papers and Bulletins

SBS - Parapet - 20-30 and veral & parapro flashing

Parapet Parodies

Identifying and maintaining continuity of the four key control layers is important in the design phase. Read this white paper to learn more about common parapet challenges and the four key control layers.
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Introduction to the RISE Center

At the Siplast RISE Center, visitors learn from our scientists and discuss challenges. Our story of uncompromising quality begins here.

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