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Extend guarantee coverage with the Encompass Program*

Siplast offers service-oriented options to help maximize the service life of your Siplast roofing investment during the guarantee coverage period and after. Too often, the best ways to get the most out of a roofing system – regular maintenance and inspection – are overlooked. That's why we developed the Siplast Encompass Program. Encompass helps you develop a building-specific regimen that can include regular inspection and preventative maintenance, infrared analysis to identify thermal anomalies, non-destructive tests to determine potential moisture or similar contaminations, and more.
SBS Roofing Solutions

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Siplast also offers product-oriented solutions through our Roof Assessment and Remediation Program. In many cases, a building owner may be able to extend the term of the guarantee on an existing Siplast SBS-modified bitumen roof system that is nearing the end of its guarantee coverage period – without a gap in coverage – by investing in a re-cover or overlayment with a new Siplast membrane system. Please contact your local Siplast Representative to request a free inspection of your Siplast roof and review the process required to confirm eligibility.
sample guarantees

Sample guarantees

Siplast roof membrane guarantees, Terapro reinforced and unreinforced waterproofing guarantees, and Terapro VTS reinforced and unreinforced waterproofing guarantees come in a variety of term increments.
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