Quartz Surfacing Aggregate

About Terapro VTS Quartz

Terapro VTS Quartz is a natural silica aggregate used as a surfacing for Terapro VTS Systems.
Contact Siplast for specific information on specified approved product uses.


Featured Benefits

  • Uses: Surfacing Aggregate
  • Colors Available: Light Tan
  • Size: 0.6 mm – 1.7 mm
  • Typical Coverage Rate: Approximately 1 lb/ft2 (0.464 kg/ ft2) (5 kg/m2)

Terapro VTS Quartz

Natural colored, high-purity silica aggregate. Terapro VTS Quartz is washed, kiln-dried, and suitable for broadcast. Supplied in its natural light tan color.
  • Unit

    Paper bag



Refer to the applicable Siplast Technical or Installers Guide for detailed application information, including application/coverage rates.

Storage and Handling

Store bags on a clean, flat, dry surface out of direct exposure to the elements. Do not allow bags to get wet. Terapro VTS Quartz does not have a shelf life. 

See product packaging and the Safety Data Sheet for specific information on the safe handling of this product. 


Packaging: 50 lb (22.7 kg) paper bags 
Units Per Pallet: 40

Terapro VTS, Liquid-Applied

Terapro VTS, Liquid-Applied Products

Terapro VTS Resin is the waterproofing and wearing layer for vehicular traffic waterproofing applications of unreinforced Terapro and Terapro VTS Systems, and the wearing layer of reinforced Terapro and Terapro VTS Systems.
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