Terapro VTS Quartz and Quartz Filler

Terapro VTS Quartz

Natural colored, high-purity silica aggregate. Terapro VTS Quartz is washed, kiln-dried, and suitable for broadcast. Supplied in its natural light tan color.
  • Unit

    Paper bag

Terapro VTS Quartz Filler

Natural-colored, crushed quartz aggregate. Supplied in its natural light gray color.
  • Unit

    Plastic pail

Terapro VTS, Liquid-Applied

Terapro VTS, Liquid-Applied Products

Terapro VTS Resin is the waterproofing and wearing layer or vehicular traffic waterproofing applications of unreinforced Terapro and Terapro VTS Systems and the wearing layer of reinforced Terapro and Terapro VTS Systems.

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