Parasolo TPX Flashing Components

Parasolo TPX Coated Metal Sheets

Galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel sheets laminated with a TPO membrane to facilitate adhesion of Parasolo TPO membranes and accessories.
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Parasolo TPX Corner Curb Wrap

Factory-formed and fabricated from reinforced Parasolo TPX and used in the construction of base flashings.
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Parasolo TPX Vent Boot

Designed for flashing cylindrical and conical penetrations. Boots include a stainless steel clamp to facilitate termination at the top of the boot.
  • Diameter

    1 inch - 6 inches

Parasolo TPX Fluted Corners

Formed from unreinforced Parasolo TPX and are used for flashing non-uniform corners.
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Parasolo TPX Inside Corners

Molded accessory to flash areas where there's an inside corner.

Parasolo TPX Split Pipe Boot

Factory-formed and fabricated from reinforced Parasolo TPX and used for flashing round and conical penetrations. Can be used to flash penetrations that cannot be overlaid with a closed boot. Includes a stainless steel clamp to facilitate termination at the top of the boot.
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Parasolo TPX Square Tube Wrap

Tube wraps that are split with overlap to wrap around square or rectangular tubing, ensuring a solid weld.

Parasolo TPX T-Joint Cover Patch

Fabricated from Parasolo Detailing Membrane and designed for use to cover joint patches.

Parasolo TPX Universal Corner

Formed from unreinforced TPX and are used for flashing both the inside and outside corners of base and curb flashings.
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Parasolo TPX Detailing Membrane

Unreinforced TPX sheet used for detailing penetrations, corners of base flashings and T-joints.
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Parasolo TPX 8-inch Flashing Strip

Cut from reinforced Parasolo TPO membrane and used to "strip-in" field sheets and flashing details.
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Parasolo TPX T-Top Vent Boots

Pre-formed T-shaped vent boot cut from reinforced Parasolo TPX.

Parasolo TPX 8-inch Vent Boot

Manufactured out of reinforced 45-mil TPO membrane and galvanized steel for use in venting low-slope mechanically attached roofs. Limited to one-way flow to avoid moisture buildup within the roofing structure and material. Also available in two-way vents.

Parasolo TPX Scuppers

Manufactured out of TPO-coated metal and 55-mil unreinforced membrane for use in waterproofing wall scuppers, eliminating unnecessary flashing to waterproof the wall opening.

Parasolo TPX Cut Edge Sealant

Designed for sealing non-factory edges of TPO membranes.

Parasolo Waterblock Sealant

Black, butyl-based high-viscosity sealant for use in conjunction with Siplast Parasolo series single-ply membrane systems. Designed for use in concealed applications such as sealing between Parasolo membranes and drain/penetration flashings.
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Parasolo One-Part Pourable Sealant

One-part sealant for use with PVC roof systems.

FlexSeal Caulk Grade

Flexible, durable, and UV resistant sealant designed for termination bar, railing, step flashings, or edge metal.
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TPO membranes offers a variety of sustainability advantages not found in PVC, and can be more cost-effective. While these are excellent reasons to choose a thermoplastic polyolefin solution, Siplast also believes that no professional should ever be compelled to trade service or quality for sustainability or budget. That's why we're proud to offer – and stand behind – Parasolo TPX.

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