Parasolo PVC, Adhered/Mechanically Attached/RhinoBond

Parasolo PVC Smooth

Heat-weldable, single-ply membrane utilizing a PVC blend.

Parasolo PVC Fleece-Back

Heat-weldable, single-ply membrane utilizing a PVC blend and polyester fleece backing.
Parasolo PVC Design Professionals, Contractors and Building Owners with Siplast

Parasolo PVC KEE, Adhered/Mechanically Attached/RhinoBond

Parasolo KEE is a premium PVC membrane with the highest quality combination of PVC and KEE plasticizers, offering the ultimate thermoplastic roof membrane protection. It is appropriate in situations where a synthetic membrane meets the needs of the building owner. Warehouses, office space, retail facilities, and roofs with little anticipated traffic can be well-suited for a single ply solution.

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