Terrace & Pedestrian Access Waterproofing

PMMA Liquid-Applied Waterproofing


As exposed structural elements, balconies, terraces, and walkways require protection from weathering, water ingress, and environmental damage to ensure long-term durability. Since these areas are highly visible, they have aesthetic requirements that must be considered in addition to performance requirements. The Terapro Waterproofing and Surfacing System was developed for these applications.


Terapro Systems are available in unreinforced applications for use over unoccupied exterior spaces, and reinforced for use over occupied/conditioned interior spaces.


Both reinforced and unreinforced Terapro Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems for pedestrian access areas are available with two standard surfacing options: Pro Natural Quartz with Pro Color Finish, and Pro Natural Quartz with Pro Color Finish and Pro Accent Chips. Each option is available in a variety of standard colors, which can be used alone or applied in patterns for dramatic effects or practical purposes such as designating traffic paths.


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