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Unit Size

Terapro Flashing Resin PMMA-based resin with thixotropic properties Used in conjunction with Pro Fleece to construct the Terapro Flashing System. 10-kg (22-lb) pail
Terapro Base Resin PMMA-based resin Used in conjunction with Pro Fleece to construct the Terapro Waterproofing layer in reinforced systems. 10-kg (22-lb) pail
Terapro VTS Resin PMMA based resin Resin component of Terapro VTS wearing layer. 10-kg (22-lb) pail
Terapro VTS Filler Quartz aggregate blend Aggregate/filler component of Terapro VTS wearing layer. 50-lb (22.7-kg) bag
Pro Fleece Non-woven polyester fleece Reinforcement for use with Terapro Flashing and Base Resin. See
Pro Catalyst Powder Peroxide-based catalyst Reactive agent used to initiate polymerization (curing) of Terapro and Pro resins. 0.1-kg bag
(packaged 10 bags per box)
Pro Thixo Thixotropic liquid additive Liquid additive used to add thixotropic properties to Terapro and Pro resins. 1-liter can
Pro Prep Clear blended solvent Liquid used to clean/prepare substrates to receive Terapro and Pro resins. 1-gallon (3.8-l) can
5-gallon (19-l) can
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