Granule-Surfaced Systems (Paradiene 20/30)

Multi-Ply SBS-Modified Bitumen Systems


Paradiene 20/30 is a proven, lightweight, highly flexible membrane designed to retain its elasticity through severe solar load, ultraviolet rays, thermal shocks, random ponding water, and extreme low temperature.  Both Paradiene’s top and base plies consist of an elastomeric asphalt blend – a unique formulation of SBS and high quality proprietary asphalt – reinforced with a fiberglass mat.  The granule surface means the system doesn’t require the application of gravel, giving it a light installed weight of approximately 200 pounds per square, and making inspection and repair easier.  The Paradiene 20/30 System can be installed with Siplast PA-311 Adhesive or approved hot asphalt. To learn more about Paradiene 20/30, click on your preferred application method below.



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