Foil-Surfaced Systems (Veral)

Multi-Ply SBS-Modified Bitumen Systems


The Veral System is composed of two sheet components: Irex and Veral. Irex is the base ply, consisting of a quality high-melt asphalt with fiberglass reinforcement. The finish ply, Veral, combines a glass scrim-reinforced SBS-modified asphalt base with a protective aluminum foil facing.


The Veral System is preferably applied by torching, which utilizes the closely controlled high melt asphalt in the sheets. Energy efficient Veral Aluminum meets the reflectance requirements of the U.S. Energy Star program and qualifies for LEED certification points as defined by the United States Green Building Council. To learn more about each ply of the Veral System, click on a selection below.


Irex/Paradiene 20 Foil surfaced

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