ZIC System

Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems


The standard ZIC mix is a 1:6 ratio of Portland cement volume to ZIC Concrete Aggregate volume. ZIC is used in new construction applications over slotted galvanized metal decking. The standard 1:6 mix requires a minimum 2-inch thickness of ZIC over the top of the Insulperm Insulation Board. Click on a selection below for detailed information on the ZIC System.



Vertical Load:

Vertical Load

Downward Loading Properties for Corrugated Metal Designs-ZIC System 

Diaphragm Design:

Diaphragm Design


Metal Deck Design:

Metal Deck Design


Acoustical Values:

Acoustic Values

Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories Report, ETL Test Laboratories Report

Thermal Values:

Thermal Values

Building Codes:

Legacy Report

Dade NOA

UL Approvals:

UL Approvals

Table 1 - Fire Resistant Rating

UL P921 Roof Assembly

UL Roof Deck Construction 110

FM Approvals:

FM Approvals


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