Insulcel RT System

Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems

Insulcel RT System is a blend of bitumen and polymeric binder in the form of a black pellet coated with a release agent. RT Surface Treatment is used as a bond-enhancing component in semi-adhering Paradiene 20 TS systems directly to the surface of Insulcel Lightweight Insulating Concrete.



Vertical Load:

Vertical Load

Downward Loading Properties for Corrugated Metal Designs-Insulcel System 

Diaphragm Design:

Diaphragm Design

Metal Deck Design:

Metal Deck Design

Thermal Values:

Thermal Values

Building Codes:

Legacy Report

Dade NOA

UL Approvals:

UL Approvals

Table 1 - Fire Resistant Rating

UL P921 Roof Assembly

UL Roof Deck Construction 110

FM Approvals:

FM Approvals


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