Insulcel RT Details


Multi-Ply SBS-Modified Bitumen Roofing, Lightweight Insulating Concrete - Insulcel RT

Drain with interply Parapro Flashing
Drain with Parapro Flashing
Roof to Wall Expansion Joint
High Parapet (Two Piece Flashing)
Expansion Joint (Metal Cover)
Overflow Scupper
Parapet (Non-Wall Supported Deck)
Parapet with Coping
Parapet with Plywood Sheathing
Parapet - Wall Supported Deck
Generic Penetration (Parapro Flashing Interply)
Typical Penetration (Parapro Flashing)
Proform Gravel Stop
Parapet with Paraguard Coping
Paraguard Expansion Joint (roof to wall)
Paraguard Expansion Joint (roof to roof)
Paraguard Raised Edge
Roof Drain
Roof Edge
Roof Vent
Scupper with downspout or conductor head
Conduit/Small Pipe Penetration
Sumped Roof Drain
Wall with self-terminating Parapro Flashing (non-canted assembly)
Waste Stack