Siplast PC-227 Elastomeric Roof Coating

PC-227 Elastomeric Roof Coating is a 100% acrylic, white coating designed for use over Siplast roof systems. PC-227 Elastomeric Roof Coating reduces cooling energy and roof system life cycle costs by combining superior reflectivity with excellent durability, adhesion, and flexibility. PC-227 meets U.S. EPA Energy Star® guidelines for energy efficiency, and qualifies for LEED-NC (Version 2.2) Certification points as defined by the United States Green Building Council.


Paracoat Roof Coating

Paracoat Roof Coating is a high performance, multi-component, fast curing, and flexible PMMA roof coating resin designed to protect smooth and granule-surfaced roof systems from the effects of weather and chemical attack.


Siplast No. 11 Roofing Granules

Siplast No. 11 Roofing Granules are the same high quality mineral granules used on Siplast mineral surfaced elastomeric asphalt products. No. 11 Roofing Granules are composed of a granite-like mineral permanently coated with various pigments using a ceramic coating process.

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Paracoat Roof Coating


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