Metal Roof Perimeter Systems



The Industry’s Premier Metal Systems

Paraguard and Proform, specifically engineered and fabricated for use with Siplast roof systems, are the industry’s premier metal roof edge, coping, and expansion joint systems. Multi-component Paraguard Roof Perimeter Systems are designed for easy installation and maximum weather-tight construction. Factory-applied Paraguard finishes are available in 29 standard colors, in both pre-finished aluminum and galvanized steel. Paraguard colors can also be customized.

Paraguard Roof Perimeter Systems and Proform Gravel Stop are approved by FM Approvals for Class 1 Windstorm Classifications when fabricated and installed according to FM Approvals requirements, and also meet ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standards for roof perimeter components.

Paraguard Roof Perimeter Systems

DescriptionPrint ApprovalsInstallation Instructions
Paraguard Cantilever CopingN/A
Paraguard Expansion Joint Roof to RoofN/A
Paraguard Expansion Joint Roof to WallN/A
Paraguard Extender No OffsetN/A
Paraguard Extender with OffsetN/A
Paraguard Extruded Edge AT Fascia ExtendedN/A
Paraguard Extruded Edge At Fascia StandardN/A
Paraguard Extruded Edge AT HG FasciaN/A
Paraguard Fascia Extender Flush Face DesignN/A
Paraguard G Coping TaperedN/A
Paraguard L Coping Existing SlopeN/A
Paraguard L Coping TaperedN/A
Paraguard M Continuous Cleat CopingN/A
Paraguard M Coping Existing SlopeN/A
Paraguard M Coping TaperedN/A
Paraguard M Raised EdgeN/A
Proform M Gravel Stop 6 to 10 inchN/A
Proform M Gravel Stop up to 6 inchN/A

Paraguard Green Roof Component Order Forms

Paraguard Separator
Paraguard Separator LC
Paraguard Drain Chamber
Paraguard Drain-Thru Gravel Stop