Select Contractors

The Partnership is as Important as the Products


Innovation and product performance are critical. But the advantages of partnering with Siplast are equally important to building owners who can't afford to have their facilities compromised by a substandard roof.


Quality Application

Siplast Roofing, Waterproofing, and Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems are installed exclusively by Siplast Select Contractors. These independent professionals have met the qualifications of the toughest contractor certification program in the industry - ours. Their proven skill and dedication have demonstrated time and again that they regard themselves as members of a team dedicated to installing great roofing and waterproofing systems for building owner customers.


Siplast Select Contractor Program

What separates a Siplast Select Contractor from the others in the industry? Contractors who participate in the Siplast Select Contractor Program meet the most stringent of criteria. These criteria include:
  • Clear evidence of a strong financial condition, including the ability to do bonded work.
  • Absolute compliance with all Siplast specifications, including both pre-application and post-application requirements.
  • A minimum operating history of five years or equivalent experience in the roofing industry.
  • An agreement to support training and educational programs provided by Siplast for the contractor's employees.
  • An agreement to staff Siplast jobs with employees who are experienced and trained in the correct application of Siplast products.
  • An agreement to provide an on-going employee safety program, which includes instruction in the safe handling and operation of torch equipment.
  • A commitment to provide an on-the-roof quality control program to supervise all Siplast projects.